Gadis Rumah Tangga

me-now :D

me-now 😀

Finally moving to a home, simple yet peaceful place.
Can’t believe that I turn into domestic goddess. Let’s forget the old-spoiled-santi, who had mbak kost handle her domestic business 😀
Now, I am working on my stuffs by myself. Washing clothes, ironing, cooking, doing grocery shopping, paying things related to house hold thingy, cleaning home, cleaning this and that…
These are, indeed, beyond my imagination.
I am enjoying doing these.
I am enjoying being part-time ‘gadis-rumah-tangga’ :D.


10 thoughts on “Gadis Rumah Tangga

  1. part-time ‘gadis-rumah-tangga’ bole tolong clean my house ? i pay u , where u live now ? if can call me or sms to me…014-5951119, my name is MR. Mike

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